Erudite welcomes a new member to the board

Erudite is proud to announce the appointment of Mr Hector Mapheto to our Board of directors.

Mr Hector Mapheto

Hector has been a part of the team from the early days and adds enormous value to our company through his technical capability and tenacity. He is a strong leader and takes responsibility for Process Engineering.

Hector is a registered, professional engineer and a member of ECSA, SAIMM and MMMA. Our CEO commented: “Our industry in South Africa is facing an enormous challenge to transform itself in a sustainable manner. It will take a special effort to create an entity where the likes of Hector and his peers will be able to be a part of the new breed of truly South African companies. We are proud that engineers of this calibre are choosing to be a part of Erudite.” Our Chairman, Mr Vincent Raseroka, welcomed Hector to the Board of Directors by saying: “I am very proud that “Young Lions” like Hector are answering the call for the real “Youth League” to take leadership roles and contribute their sweat to building a better South Africa. I hope Hector will be a shining light to many young South Africans waiting to add their weight to contribute to a sustainable and successful country”.

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