Safety consciousness

Our people deserve it and our clients rely on it

This is not only our slogan, but a fundamental business principle by which we operate in everything we do. Erudite is committed to developing a caring, preventative safety culture across our organisation and on all projects where we are active. Safety consciousness drives the action of every employee at every location, every day.


Our people deserve it, our clients rely on it and our performance depends on it.

The use of this proprietary software allows us to simplify safety management by assisting organisations to declutter and centralise dispersed management systems. Real-time safety statistics can be accessed at any point in time and allows reporting on current, audited safety information.

The implementation of the software provides insight into the day-to-day running of clients’ integrated management systems, by furnishing a cloud-based software service that has been Innovated to streamline and enhance your health and safety operations.

We strive to constantly improve the awareness and implementation of safe working environments at all levels of the projects and organisations that we are associated with.

Safety should not be driven by the need to be compliant, but rather by the drive to always do the right things to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.