Erudite Strategies were tasked to Provide information for ENDEVA Pre-Study of the proposed 1MVA renewable energy solution for Zamsort’s copper/cobalt mine near Kalumbila, Northwestern Province, Zambia.  Based on a various face-to-face, and Skype meetings held with ENDEVA, the need was expressed for a CAPEX for a PV solution to provide a more favourable take-off unit cost vs. that of the current diesel operating cost to Zamsort.

The mine is presently using a 350kVA diesel-electrical generator as their primary electricity supply. It is assumed that the existing supply is costly, under pressure and limits expansions and production.  The premise of the Pre-Study is that ENDEVA would supply off-grid reliable and stable electrical power in tandem with the existing 350kVA generation over the lifetime expectancy of the mine.




This Cost Base Estimate resulting from the Desktop Study, is based on the following information:

  • Max Power Required : 1MW
  • PV Requirement: 1MVA
  • Stored Power: ± 1MW
  • Generator Standby: 3 x 400kVA Base Load Generators

Envisaged Load profile, and plant operation to be:

  • Duration: 24/7
  • Plant: 800kW : 08:00 – 18:00
  • Periphery, Pumps & Base Camp: 200kW for balance of the time, included with the 800kW. However, for the study it is calculated separate to ensure diversity and continuous supply if needed.

The current and only power source on site is a 350kVA Diesel generator.


The results from the desktop study fulfil our criteria for providing you with a CAPEX value to be included in your tariff model that will is based on the following targets:

  • A reliable secure energy solution that is eventually fully installed works 24/7 Off-Grid. Providing power with a max power of 1MW at 400Vac.
  • Provide a renewable energy solution that reduces your environmental footprint.
  • Based on implementing a Solar PV, Battery Storage & Diesel Generator solution.
  • Though eliminating the use of the diesel generator to a maximum, nonetheless shall remain as the backup standby power source.


In order to do this the subsequent solution, consisting of the following components, as agreed amongst the various parties was priced:  (Refer Drawing P5022 – Endeva – Zamsort Option 1: Rev A.)

  • 1MW, 400Vac Cambridge Nomad single tracking system, consisting of a minimum of 33 units at 30kW each, complete with their own MPPT & DC/AC Inverters.
  • 1MW, 400vac Tesla Battery Storage system (Powerpack) all interfaced and controlled by their Microgrid Controllers, to provide additional security of power supply.  This is considered as the first base of storing energy to lower the need for diesel generation during the evening and bad weather days.
  • 3 x 400kVA, 400Vac standby Diesel generators (Volvo Proposed) as additional power supply to ensure continuous power during prolonged bad weather and occasional evening over demand, if required.
  • Substation & peripheral equipment to integrate that above.