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MC Mining- Makhado Coal

Makhado Coal

Erudite’s current Flagship Project

Earlier this year, Erudite Projects (Pty) Ltd was awarded the EPCM appointment for the development of MC Mining’s proposed new Coking Coal project North of Makhado in the Limpopo province.

The appointment was made following negotiation which was based on approach, community involvement, empowerment and an understanding of the owner’s sustainability outlook from a corporate point of view.  The technical skills and experience held by the Erudite team strengthened our position and the holistic offering provided the owner with the comfort that he was engaging with a partner rather than a consultant.  We believe that this unique relationship between mine owner and service provider fosters the most sustainable approach to project development.

Our multi-disciplinary team, that include specific, large scale, coal project development experience, supported by industry experts that hold relevant expertise in the handling of the fine material associated with this type of coal, provides the competence to ensure success of this project.

In line with Erudite’s ethos of sustainable transformation of our industry, this project will see the experience and skills of people who have their routes in the Makhado region, participating with the community whilst playing key roles in the project.

“Erudite’s view of the social complex and the need to train and skill engineers from the Limpopo region is evident in the team we have executing the project. Not only are we able to engage technical aspects of the project, but we can relate to the communities in their languages and practices, this furthermore being appealing when we have to work side by side with the communities for skills transfer – Thendo Booi, Pr.Eng HOD Mech Eng”.

Whilst Erudite plays a leading role in the development of beneficiation solutions for industrial minerals associated with a greener future, we recognize the value and need for continued investment in Coal to ensure the sustainability of the African continent and its people.


Project Cobra - CobAlt Mine

Erudite Strategies has on behalf of a private client, completed a feasibility study (FS) for the construction of a first-of- its-kind-in- Africa Cobalt Refinery plant intended to locally beneficiate the primary Cobalt hydroxide Concentrate from Central Africa to a  battery grade cobalt sulphate heptahydrate crystals product. The project is located in Southern Africa.

The client had undertaken preliminary feasibility study on their unique process flowsheet developed in various world class test facilities over the past four years.

Erudite was contracted to further the feasibility study to refine the basic engineering design with a targeted AACE Class 3 capital and operating cost estimate with an accuracy within ±15%.

As a green energy precursor producer, an important factor in the design of the plant has been to minimise the environmental footprint of the project, especially the carbon footprint. Thus, for the energy requirements of the project, it is strategically located to tap into the clean  power generation in the region. This would be advantageous compared to producers in other countries, including China, where power is often supplied from carbon-based technologies. This will improve the overall marketability of the product by supplying a clean green cobalt sulphate heptahydrate to potential customers.

The client has secured a cornerstone investor,  and is working with Erudite on the detailed design in preparation for the planned construction execution phase.


The original Molo Project

The Molo mine is located some 160 km southeast of Madagascar’s administrative capital (and port city) of Toliara, in the Tulear region and about 220 km NW of Fort Dauphin and is approximately 13 km NE of the local village of Fotadrevo. The Molo project consists of an open pit mine, and modular processing plant. As well as the associated infrastructure consisting of water infrastructure, power (Thermal, Solar and BES) and accommodation camp and plant offices, laboratory, and change house.

Ground was broken in April 2022 and the plant erection commenced on 30 November 2022 and the placement of all 106 plant modules concluded on 24 December 2022. This was followed by piping and electrical hook ups. The plant commissioning is nearing completion and the RoM is 240 ktpa producing 17 ktpa of high Carbon graphite flake. One of the very challenging hurdles to overcome – among many – were the post-Covid global logistical challenges and the near complete lack of in -country logistical infrastructure. Recently the milestone number of 500 000 hours of LTI free work was surpassed.


Proposed Molo Phase II

In parallel with the execution of the phase one project, a PEA level study was conducted followed by the rapidly completed AACE Class 3 feasibility study. The phase two approach is still modular, but it will have a RoM of 2.5 mtpa looking to produce 150ktpa of high Carbon graphite flake. The processing stages are identical to the phase I plant, but the associated infrastructure required will be substantially bigger, should the financial model and economic evaluation trigger a further investment decision.


Battery Anode Facility


Erudite was commissioned to complete a concept study for the development of a battery anode facility where the graphite product from the Molo mine could be used to further develop this commodity along the ultimate value chain.  The final location of the BAF is still to be determined based on economic and other drivers.


The LSTK contract was awarded to Erudite Projects during the first quarter of 2020 and is located in the Steelpoort area, Limpopo province.  The Works includes all detailed engineering, procurement and contract administration, fabrication and deliveries, construction and site supervision, including safety, health and environmental management during the execution of the Works.

Limpopo South Africa

Project duration: 2020-2022

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