Celebrating six years in business

Erudite is excited to announce that we recently celebrated our sixth anniversary! Looking back over the past six years, we can proudly say that we are taking the lead in establishing a transformed and sustainable EPCM in the industry.

Notably, Erudite boasts some of the industry’s top talent, and our culture further promotes the highest calibre of engineering through blending the deep experience that exists within the team with the technology and energy of our own, unique youth league.

Additionally, we are continuing to challenge the norm in terms of transformation standards and guidelines, and will soon reach our goal of 51% Black ownership in the Erudite Group of companies.

Next, market interest in battery commodity projects is at an all-time high. As a leading EPCM, Erudite is now being approached regularly by international financing houses to provide guidance on the development of projects across Africa, and our own African footprint is steadily growing, with current projects in Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania and Namibia.

We are further pleased to announce that we have established Erudite Zimbabwe and Erudite Botswana. Both entities will each be majority held and managed by local nationals, and will soon be fully operational.

An enormous thank you to all our stakeholders for supporting and allowing us to live up to our Erudite vision, and to the Erudite team for continuing to deliver on and exceed our client expectations. We look forward to the next six years as we work together to build a prosperous and responsible African continent.

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